Story of my Life by Helen Keller

This was actually a school assignment I wrote.


When Helen was less than two years old she became very ill. Her parents and doctor believed the illness to be Scarlet Fever and did not believe she would make in through the night. Luckily Helen did survive but had lost her sense of sight and hearing to the brutal illness.
Growing up Helen had not learned how to communicate and her manners were none existent. She would bite people if she didn’t wish to go where they lead her, and would scream I’ve she did not like l something. Her parents had no idea what to do. They called a famous doctor in hopes that he would be able to heal her but he only promised to send a teacher to help Helen communicate.

This story really begins when Helen’s teacher; Anne Sullivan shows up at the Keller house in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen recalls the day when Anne’s teaching finally clicked and she remembered that she used to cal water “Wah Wah” Anne taught Helen that things have names and how to finger-spell into each others hands to communicate. Sullivan also taught Helen to read Braille.

Helen recalls loving to read and also write to people.
Helen talks about how Anne took her to the Perkins school for further learning. They spent a lot of time there off and on, Spending some time taking trips to other states. The two also spent time at the Wight-Humason School in New York City in hopes that Helen would learn how to speak properly—she did.

Helen writes about how much she enjoyed playing with the little girls at school, and how much she liked that the other girls were ether blind or deaf just like her.

Towards the end of the book Helen includes some letters she wrote to friends and teachers she met in her schools. One of the letters talks about how her father died while she was away, and another talks about her applying to college.
Helen continued her schooling at Radcliff College with her teacher by her side spelling every lecture into her hand and helping her study. Helen became the first Blind-Deaf person to ever complete college.



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