Divergent- Veronica Roth

Genre: Science Fiction.

So this book is pretty popular with teens and honestly the book that really got me into reading in the first place. The book follows Beatrice Prior’s as she makes her decision of what faction to join and what happens after she makes her final choice.

First of all here are the factions

Abnegation: they value selflessness over anything else.
Erudite: They value education and facts over everything.
Candor: They always tell the truth.
Dauntless: the brave ones.
Amity: they value peace and make all of their choices as a group.
And this one’s not really a faction but I’ll pretend it is.

Divergent: someone who fits into more than one faction.

So now you know the factions!

Beatrice Prior was born into Abnegation but always thought that she wasn’t really cut out for it. She always compared herself to her selfless brother; Caleb. When she takes the test to find out what faction she belongs in she discovers something; she’s a Divergent! She is warned not to tell anybody for her safety.Now she must make the decision to stay Abnegation or risk the wrath of her family and join a new faction. At the choosing ceremony Beatrice chooses to join Dauntless. Being the only person from Abnegation, Beatrice decides she must prove herself to her new faction and changes her name to Tris. Even though Tris has chosen to be in a new faction and changed her name does not mean she has forgotten about her old life and she has a difficult time fitting in to Dauntless where the goal seems to be kill or be killed. Tris eventually uncovers a secret of how Dauntless used to be and a plot that may change life as she knows it.

What I thought.
Divergent is an exciting action packed story. I know I may say this a lot but this was one of the BEST books I have ever read! I loved every page. You will not be bored reading this book.

Romance: The romance between Tris and the Dauntless instructor; Four grew throughout the book and at times could get a little well…gross.

Language: The language in this book really wasn’t too bad but there were a few spots were there was some cursing.

Violence: when Tris is in training to join Dauntless the initiates were encouraged to fight each other and it could often get out of hand. The one instructor; Eric was very cruel and violent towards the initiates and Four. The end of the book was not the most violent part but it was a little gory.

This book was great! It was full of all the things you could ask for in a teen book. There was a tone of action, suspense, romance, and drama. Divergent was a unique book and I have a feeling I’ll be reading it again and again.


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