Legend (book 1 of 3)

Legend (Book #1)
By Marie Lu
Genre: Science Fiction
This futuristic story shows the lives of two very different people living in a time when the Republic (Americas west coast) is at war with its neighbor; the colonies.

For Daniel Altan Wing (aka Day) the Republic has always been unfair, he has always had to fight for what to survive. Presumed dead by his family Day continuously steals and breaks the law to survive and care for his family (though they don’t know it). Being the most wanted criminal in the Republic, Day dreams of the day when he can escape to the Colonies and be free from the Republics control. But when he is accused of murdering one of the Republics officers his priorities change.

June Iparis lives in very different world from Day. As an officer in training June is willing to push herself to the limits just to graduate. Unlike Day, June will do anything and everything to serve the Republic. When June’s brother is killed she is immediately recruited to catch the main suspect and the one criminal that no one has ever been able to find; Day. But did he really do it? Or is there something bigger going on? When June finally meets Day her feelings toward him change and she must decide whether she should turn him in or follow her heart, her decision may change everything.

What I thought
It was awesome! I could not put the book down. The book was full of endless action and suspense. I have read very few books that I have enjoyed as much as I enjoyed this one. This is a pretty good book even for those teens who aren’t really that in to reading.
Romance: There really wasn’t that much romance but you could sense the feelings between June and Day getting stronger for each other as the book goes on.
Language: As far a teen fiction goes the amount of cursing is minimal that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any cursing but if you’re trying to find books where the language isn’t that strong this is a good book for you.
Violence: there is quite a bit of violence in this but the worst part is probably when Day is brought in for questioning.
Conclusion: All in all this book was pretty amazing. Marie Lu did a great job bringing the world of the Republic to life and showing both Day and June’s side of the story. The book was interesting and definitely different from the other Sci-Fi books I’ve read.


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