Mr. Popper’s penguins

Mr.Popper’s Penguins was possibly the most adorable book I have ever read!

Basically it’s about a house painter who has a huge fascination with the arctic and with the south and north pole. After writing a letter to an explorer–Admiral Drake–with some questions, the admiral sends a package to the Popper’s household containing a live penguin. The Poppers have to renovate a little to make the penguin;Captain Cook more comfortable in there home.

Captain Cook begins to act a little Ill so Mr. Popper sends a letter to the curator of an aquarium asking if he knew what was going on. The curator responded that Captain Cook may be lonely, this resulted in yet another crate containing a live penguin; Greta.

Eventually the family notices Greta is laying eggs and the Poppers end up with ten extra penguins. Having twelve penguins in the house the Poppers decide to create their own little South Pole in their basement complete with a skating rink.

Next thing ya know they are traveling America as “Mr. Popper’s preforming penguins” In the end Admiral Drake takes the beloved penguins to the North Pole to  start a breed of penguins. Mr. Popper tags along for the trip and the story ends.

If you ask me this story was so cute! It’s a great book for reading to a toddler at night or just winding down after a long day. The book isn’t very long it would probably take most people a couple hours.

I will most likely be reading it again.

Thanks for reading.



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