Writing a book

This is going to be different. Normally I would right a review and rant a little about the movie. Today I want to tell you about the problems with writing a book and a little about the one I’m writing.

The biggest issue I’ve had is low confidence. I always tell myself “No, one would ever read this,” but at the same time I tell myself “I love this plot,” it’s kind of a love-hate thing.

Another problem I have is; lack of interest. I’ll start writing thinking it’s a great idea and then five chapters later have a huge case of writers block, give up, and start on my next idea for a book. I’ve always wanted to be an author.

I never know how to start. I can have a fabulous plot-line and have no idea how to begin.

Tips from a amateur writer.

Be confident with your book! With the book I’m writing I have been more confident with the plot line. This has helped me get farther along and love what I’m writing, this way I don’t get bored as easy.

Try to write everyday. Even if you can’t think of anything try to write down atleast one sentence a day; this helps you to not loose interest.

For me writing is easier when I’m not busy. Try writing on a holiday weekend or on your day off. That way you don’t have any distractions and you can focus on your book

Don’t rush it! This is the best way to loose interest in your story. If you rush to get it done the plot may not make sense, little details could change (She ran her fingers through her dark hair. Two chapters later…She brushed her blond hair out of her eye), You may even forget your characters names (Yes that’s happened to me before), And it leaves a lot of editing for you later.

Try to review each chapter as you go. I find that reading the last chapter you wrote, and even the entire book so far, helps to keep the plot consistent and keeps you interested in your book. You can also edit as you go which saves you from doing a lot of work later.

I’ve never published a book, but hopefully this will help you.

Now the book I’m writing is about a girl named Erika. Erika witnessed a crime and now has to deal with PTSD and difficulty expressing her feelings.

That’s not my entire plot line but I didn’t want to give too much away.

I may post about my progress with it as I go.

Feel free to post more tips about writing and publishing in the comment section



2 thoughts on “Writing a book

  1. Hey! I love what you said and the tips you’ve listed! =) It was very helpful! As a writer myself, I always have an idea, but never know how to keep the plot “alive”. So, I always give up cause of a bad case of writers block. lol. I’ll try doing what you said! Since you love writing, you should check out this website I use called, Figment.com! I have a lot of books (unfinished though haha) on there! It’s a great way to grow in writing! It’s helped me sooo much. You should try it out if you haven’t already that is =)


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