Pulse Trilogy

I really liked these books, but they move very slow.

The plot is that this teen–Faith Daniels–has this thing called a pulse, which means she can move things with her mind. But there’s also this thing called a second pulse which mean you can only be hurt when you come in contact with a certain object.Faith and her boyfriend; Dylan. And her friend; Hawk must when a battle against two second pulses in order to save an entire country, from complete destruction.

This is actually a pretty unique book. I liked it, but it took me sometime to get into. I really liked the way the story flowed though, it wasn’t confusing, but there was still suspense. The romance isn’t overbearing, and the relationship between the characters is great!

This book may not be for everyone, but I’d say read it and find out for yourself.

If you have any suggestions for a book I should review next please comment and I’ll do my best to get to it as fast as I can. Although I have a huge reading list right now.

Thanks for reading!





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