Flowers for Algernon

Written by;Daniel Keyes

Summery: Charlie Gordon is a mentally retarded man, who is chosen for a operation that will hopefully make him smarter.

Slowly the experimental surgery turns Charlie into a genius. But Charlie’s personality begins to change, he becomes impatient with everyone around him, and begins to drink quite a bit, and doubt himself. He grows confused about his feelings towards women as well.

What I thought: The book has an interesting beginning and I liked where it was going. The story-line is very unique and is told by Charlie. The main problem I had was how much detail they went into while Charlie did some things. A lot of times Charlie came off as a bit of a pervert, mostly only in flashbacks. But I really did enjoy the story and I would say if you haven’t read it yet, you should!

It was pretty sad too. The story is just so heartbreaking all the way through the books, and I should warn you, you probably will not want to put it down, so make sure you have a few hours of free time before you read the first page.

I would suggest this book for anyone in highschool or above, just because though I feel like it’s a great book, some of the content is too mature for anyone younger.

I hope you get the chance to read this book.

Thanks for reading!


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