Shades of gray by Carolyn Reeder

I read this book as a school assignment. It was really good.

Short summery.

After the Civil War, Will Page; a boy from Winchester, moves to Virginia to live with his Aunt, Uncle, and his ten-year-old cousin after losing his family to the war. Since the war Will has thought that his uncle was a traitor and he hated the thought of living with him. Will has to learn to work on a farm after being looked after by slaves his entire life.

I really liked the story, I’m not usually into Historical Fiction but I loved this one. The story was interesting and it’s also a short read so it’s it’s a good book for some of you people who may not have a lot of time for reading an entire novel. For me the story-line was pretty unique but I haven’t read a lot of Historical Fiction.

I definitely recommend this book, especially if you want to learn, or refresh your memory about the Civil War


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